Gentle yoga

A gentle approach to movement, body and breath. 
Gentle yoga classes are for those who need a moment of rest and relaxation. 

What to expect?

We start with gradual warming up of the body. We learn to sync movement with your breath. At times in class you will engage in slow flow of poses to increase mobility and strength, followed by longer held poses to increase flexibility. Ending of the class will be a deep relaxation in order to release any tension.

Gentle yoga is suitable for all levels and all ages.

People with special health conditions* or limited movement (if your doctor recommends movement), as well as people with chronic pain are welcome in the Gentle yoga classes.

* If you have special condition or health complain please inform me before the class via email:

Gentle yoga gives me relaxation for body and mind. Overall more flexible and smooth movement, less pain in muscles and joints and better sleep.

Ingrid (52), R&D manager