Gentle yoga

A gentle approach to movement, body and breath. 
Gentle yoga classes are for those who need a moment of rest and relaxation. 

What to expect?

We start with gradual warming up of the body. We learn to sync movement with your breath. At times in class you will engage in slow flow of poses to increase mobility and strength, followed by longer held poses to increase flexibility. Ending of the class will be a deep relaxation in order to release any tension.

Gentle yoga is suitable for all levels and all ages.

People with special health conditions* or limited movement (if your doctor recommends movement), as well as people with chronic pain are welcome in the Gentle yoga classes.

* If you have special condition or health complain please inform me before the class via email:

Gentle yoga gives me relaxation for body and mind. Overall more flexible and smooth movement, less pain in muscles and joints and better sleep.

Ingrid (52), R&D manager

Hatha yoga

Hatha yoga is a classic yoga style. Step by step we build strength, flexibility and stamina. In addition we train awareness of the breath in movement and relaxation.

What to expect?

In Hatha yoga class you will do a wide variety of yoga asanas. Here dynamic movement alternates with longer help poses. In each class we work on the whole body. Furthermore we explore a specific area of body in depth. For instance core strength, spine or hip mobility, shoulders, neck as well as balance and others. Relaxation at the end of the class is an integral part of the practice.

Hatha yoga is suitable for people of all ages and levels.*

* If you have special condition or health complain please inform me before the class via email:

Hatha yoga gives me balance, peace of mind, inner strength, joy and happiness.

Katleen (44), doctor

Yoga classes in Mechelen

Welcome to!
Join Hatha yoga and Gentle yoga classes in Mechelen. 
You will be a part of a small and welcoming group (maximum 8 people). These yoga classes take place in a calm environment in Mechelen. Yoga classes are lead by an experienced teacher.

Hatha yoga and Gentle yoga classes are suitable for yogis of all levels and all ages. The level of intensity is adapted to the needs and possibilities of the participants.

Hatha yoga
Wednesday 19:00 – 20:00 in Equilibrium praktijk
Sunday 9:30 – 10:30 in Equilibrium praktijk

Gentle Yoga Series: Flow & Rest
Wednesday 20:15 – 21:30
Next series of 10 weeks start November 22

Location: Equilibrium, Stuivenbergbaan 33, 2800 Mechelen

Find out more about Hatha and Gentle yoga

A really forgiving, small, group with a fun, peaceful and experienced teacher. You’ll feel better right after the first session.

Goedele Godts

1 class – 15 euro
5 classes – 75 euro
10 classes – 135 euro
Gentle yoga series 135 euro for 10 weeks

Private classes and online classes are available. Submit you request.

Styles and Certificates


Hatha Yoga, Antastha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra
All levels


  • Yoga Teacher Training Course, Hatha Yoga
    2013/2014 Yogalife Belgium, Gent, Belgium (200 h)
  • Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Course, Antastha Yoga
    2015 Yogalife, Goa, India (100 h)
  • Yin Yoga Foundation Teacher Training with Joe Barnett, Yin Yoga
    2016 Brussels, Belgium (30 h)
  • Yin Yoga Next Level Teacher Training with Joe Barnett, 2018 & 2019 Brussels, Belgium (60 h)
  • Yin Yoga: Functional Approach with Paul Grilley, 2019 Online course (20h)
  • Yin Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine module with Josh Summers, 2022 Online course (50h)

About me

Elize Tikmane

I teach weekly Hatha yoga, Gentle yoga and Yin Yang yoga yoga classes in Mechelen area (Belgium). I offer Yin yoga and Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation) sessions too.

My intention is to create time and space for you to reconnect, to exercise, to feel and to observe your body. I give you a moment of respite to restore your energy. Above all, I am here to help you find joy in movement and ease in stillness. Therefore this is a chance for quality me-time.

My approach is gentle and observant. To begin with I keep an eye for your specific needs and your unique body. Further it is important for me to create inclusive, non-competitive environment. An environment where every participant has chance to grow steady in strength and flexibility.